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Make money with IMshopping

Answer questions and earn money - IMshopping needs your help answering questions, and you can earn cash in the process!

After you answer a question with a potential cash payoff, the person who receives the vote for the "Best Answer" after three days wins the cash. If there is a tie, the money is split. If there are no votes (or only one person has answered), no one wins. Just look for the questions with a dollar amount associated with it, and give it your best shot. Go to Answer For Money to see a bunch!

Payment terms: Payment will be made net 30 days from requested withdrawal. You have to earn $40 before you can withdraw funds. If program ends before you make $40, you will be paid what you have earned. You can't answer your own question. We will pay only via Paypal - you can enter your account information on your settings page.

Other terms: If it appears you are gaming the system, we reserve the right to hold back your earnings. See detailed terms.

Thank you for participating on IMshopping! Your help is appreciated!
Amount question is worth
* Payments will be made monthly while supplies last!
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