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Stack-o-Matic Record Player

Stack-o-Matic Record Player

The Stack-O-Matic record changer is an excellent replica of an old favorite. You can enjoy all your favorites uninterrupted. The fully automatic swinging motion the arm reaches the stack and drops your next favorite album on the platter. Features belt...

Q&A Recommending this Product

where can I find a STACKABLE 45 rpm record player, to play my wife's dozens of records?
Crosley Varsity Stack-O-Matic Record Player (Brown/Tan)
Crosley Bandmaster ? Stack-o-Matic Radio, Record Player.
Traveler Stack-O-Matic Record Player
where can i find a record player/turntable?
Pioneer PL-990 Fully Automatic Turntable
Numark TTUSB Belt Drive Turntable
Sony PSLX350H Turntable
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constructed (1)

  • ...stack up to six records at a time for play. The record player is well constructed and rather good looking even with its mesh grillwork in the...[0.8]

design (1)

  • ...speakers are so close together. The retro look thrills me with its great design ; and the fully automatic arm with its needle works wonders to...[0.8]

goals (1)

  • ...Crosley scores a GOAL with this wonderful , faithful reincarnation of a 1950s/1960s record player that...[0.9]

health (1)

  • use the stacking records feature. Use it and enjoy it in good health ! ...[0.8]

investment (1)

  • ...o-matic, to buy the "Omniadaptor" for my 45's, and it was a great investment , saving me the trouble with the 45 inserts! I love to watch...[0.8]

needles (2)

  • ...mind this one drawback. The record player also comes with a great needle and cartridge--no worries there! If ever you need a new needle...[0.8]
  • ...changer deck is of much better quality than expected with a good needle /cartrige. The sound is surprisingly powerfull due to the wood...[0.8]

recorded sound (1)

  • ...likely be worries to find replacement needles and valves! All my records sounds great on this player, including my 78's!! I got the advice from a...[0.9]

retro (1)

  • ...Amazon, but was happily surprised! This record player has a beautiful retro look to it, with a sturdy made case and safe clasps for closing...[0.8]

sound quality (2)

  • ...well made,sturdy,attractive (in a retro-50's mode), and has a very pleasant sound . After reading reviews of other models (Crosley and others)...[1.0]
  • ...minor issues. I received this as a gift for Christmas 2006. It sounded great and was very easy to use. It did exactly what I needed and I...[0.9]

sound system (1)

  • ...The Crosley is a compact record player with a good sound system . The only issue I have is that the needle device frequently...[0.8]


reliability (4)

  • ...all excited, i plugged it in, turned it on...and nothing. it was dead ....[-1.0]
  • ... The only issue I have is that the needle device frequently falls off it perch when moving the play control....[-1.0]
  • unit than pay almost as much for a refurbished one that did not work well to begin with. Keep this in mind before purchasing this...[-1.0]
  • ...Crosley turntable models in various stores and found them to be of inferior quality and mediocre performance. The CR84 is well made,sturdy,attractive...[-1.0]
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