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Sony RDR-VXD655 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo

Sony RDR-VXD655 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo

Still desperately holding on to that massive VHS collection in your closet? Don?t throw those tapes out just yet! The Sony RDR-VXD655 features high-performance HDMI upscaling output for DVD and VHS media. Cutting-edge and classic technology collide in this combo player that supports a huge list of tape and...

Q&A Recommending this Product

Can you recommend a good DVD player?
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Sony DVP-SR200P DVD Player
Onkyo DVSP406B DVD Player
Philips DVDR3545V/37 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo
Can somebody suggest an easy to use dvd recorder for the purpose of recording from camcorder onto a dvd?
When shopping for: dvd View all 1 answers
Philips DVDR3545V/37 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo
Sony RDR-VXD655 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo
Sony RDR-GXD455 DVD Recorder
Which is a cheap DVD Player that has the recording function?
Toshiba DR410 DVD Recorder
Panasonic DMR-EZ17 DVD Recorder
Sony RDR-VXD655 DVD Recorder / VCR Combo
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color (2)

  • well. The upconvert to 1080I does make the picture look brighter and better than 480I or 480P, even on old VHS tapes and DVDs made from VHS tapes...[0.9]
  • ...level down to 35 or even 30 but the picture is very clear and bright and the colors are very good even at that level. So don't be afraid to play with and adjust...[0.8]

feature set (3)

  • ...adjustments "before" recording like the rdr-gx300 did either. A great feature . Simply speaking, Sony has gone to the dogs. ...[0.8]
  • ...DVD. I still haven't tried recording anything in DVD yet. A cool feature of the Sony is it ability to play 5.1 channel sound when it...[0.8]
  • DVD and shows you the titles. I haven't tried the other features but this is a very poor start. ...[-0.32000000000000006]

general (15)

  • ... Too sad, because I've heard and read online that this is a very good product .......[1.0]
  • ...DVD Recorder Combo with Built In HD Tuner has proven to be an excellent purchase . I have not used all the features but the copying of VHS to...[1.0]
  • ...other features I will use but I haven't had time to do so. I highly recommend this unit. ...[1.0]

improvement (2)

  • ... Very happy with the video and audio it was a great improvement over my 18 month old cheap one. The on screen display is great...[0.8]
  • ...Magnavox but just watching a DVD was torture. This Sony was a great improvement in viewing but disappointing in one major aspect: the tuner preset. We have...[0.4]

operate (2)

  • ...DVDS, and dubbing VHS to DVD is easy. The Sony just seems more intuitive to operate than the Panny. ...[0.8]
  • ...everything was connected and set correctly, the recorder combo was easy to operate ....[0.8]

picture quality (8)

  • ...a VHS tape using SP mode from the digital TV tuner, and the picture was the best I had ever viewed from a VHS tape. The unit was not difficult...[1.0]
  • ...The unit has exceeded my expectations. I had been receiving a very good quality picture with a modest roof-top antenna, but going digital really kicked...[1.0]
  • ...set up; it only took about 4 minutes to scan all the channels; picture looks great on TV and on DVDS, and dubbing VHS to DVD is easy. The Sony...[0.9]
  • ...Unit works well. The upconvert to 1080I does make the picture look brighter and better than 480I or 480P, even on old VHS tapes and DVDs...[0.9]

quality recordings (2)

  • ...This DVD recorder does what you expect. Good quality recording to DVD from outside source or VHS tapes. Typical un-friendly...[0.8]
  • ...I would recommend this recorder. It makes great quality recordings of HD over-the-air broadcasts. I wish the HDMI cable had been...[0.8]

reception quality (1)

  • ...collection. I watch only broadcast TV provided by rabbit ears. Since good reception is critical in my case, I evaluated this unit's tuner against...[0.8]

results (3)

  • some secondary channels the stations operate. With the resulting high quality of my TV picture, there is no reason to hurry into getting a...[0.9]
  • ... once you read and follow the steps in the manual you'll be pleased with the results ....[0.8]
  • ...recording from TV, but I have converted VHS tapes to DVD with excellent results . I like the ease of operation & the recording options given...[0.8]

usability (4)

  • ...wide collection of both VHS & DVD's. And I've always liked the user-friendly aspect of Sony products. However, after only 4 months, both...[1.0]
  • ...I found the product easy to install and setup. The menu screen allowed a scan of off air channels...[1.0]
  • more homework with other like products in case there is an easier to use one. However, once you read and follow the steps in the manual...[1.0]
  • ...DVDS, and dubbing VHS to DVD is easy. The Sony just seems more intuitive to operate than the Panny. ...[1.0]


analog channels (1)

  • only recorded in black and white, not color. It recorded analog channels fine . In addition, the unit did not like my DVD-RW discs, freezing...[0.8]

customer service (1)

  • and several other cords were tried but also failled. Sony tech support suspected that the unit was defective and sent another but it also encountered the same difficulty...[-0.6400000000000001]

lens cleaning kit (1)

  • ...dvd or cd. I was told by seller (Electronics Expo) to get a lens cleaning kit - a useless trip because it turns out that the dvds are not even being rotated...[-0.8]

reliability (15)

  • ...tapes to DVD, and end result is good. -- Playing DVDs or CDs works fine . -- As others have mentioned, the internal clock loses a few...[1.0]
  • ...anyway. Have made about 20 dvds from my 20 year old vhs tapes - no issues . Both tape and dvd played fine on this machine, my pc, and other...[1.0]
  • ...our analog Sony DVD-VCR combo, and all of its functions have worked flawlessly . We receive over-the-air digital TV signals, and the automatic...[1.0]
  • ...that my husband bought a Digital converter box just so he did not have the problems of (what he now calls MY) Tuner/DVD/VCR remote. Which is ok...[1.0]

synchronization (1)

  • ...before the audio stopped. Because of clock and video/audio synchronization flaws mentioned above, I returned the first unit and exchanged it...[-0.9]
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