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Poulan 14 in. Gas Chain Saw

Poulan 14 in. Gas Chain Saw

"Great little saw, for the first 2 gallons of gas. After that it has been difficult to start cold or warm. Cleaned the exhaust and air filter, replaced spark plug, new fuel, and adjust carb settings. Does not run that well anymore like when it was new if it will run. Spent an hour the other day trying t...

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Looking for a Poulan 14" chainsaw to clear brush with.
When shopping for: chainsaw View all 1 answers
Poulan P3314 14" Gas Chain Saw 2.0 Cuin 33CC 2 Cycl
Poulan 14" Chainsaw Bar With 14" Oregon Chain
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cut (2)

  • ...keep running. I think break in is the key to this saw. But the cut is just fantastic . Also I was able to get this one without the new cheaper plastic...[0.9]
  • ...shipped very fast. It seems too have a hard time idleling but cut good . It may get better after it is broke in. Over all it seems...[0.9]

general (2)

  • ...Does a great job when it is running. Have other Poulans and they are great ....[1.0]
  • ...I now own a couple of these and they are great for small to medium jobs....[1.0]


afternoon (1)

  • ...motor still would not idol, it just dies. This saw ends with an afternoon of frustration and a return order....[-0.9]

sound quality (2)

  • ...cut out, especially if you give it gas suddenly. I know that sounds bad but the good news is you can usually just restart it with two or...[-0.4]
  • the manufacturer. This chainsaw started up, made an awful sound and stopped running. It broke within 5 minutes. We are really...[-0.8]

usability (1)

  • ... I followed the instructions to the letter, but it just was difficult to work with . Eventually, due to it having to constantly restart and using...[-1.0]
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