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Kinyo 2-Way VHS Cassette Rewinder and (uv-230c) Head Cleaning

Kinyo 2-Way VHS Cassette Rewinder and (uv-230c) Head Cleaning

Kinyo's team has been striving to innovate product development and improve the production process. Today, Kinyo sets the quality standards for the industry and continues to manufacture products that meet UL, CSA, and CE specifications. Kinyo's products have received high praises for their design, quality and ...

Q&A Recommending this Product

I'd like to find a VHS rewinder please.
Philips (M611171) Cassette Rewinder
Kinyo 2-Way VHS Cassette Rewinder and (uv-230c) Head Cleaning
KINYO UV-520SIL 1-WAY Vhs Cassette Rewinder AC Adapter
Can you tell me where to find a VHS Cassette Rewinder?
Brand New (Sealed in original package)
Product Features
KINYO UV-230C - 2-Way VHS Cassette Rewinder and Cleaner
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cleaner (2)

  • ...EXCELLENT cleaner (I was 100% satistfied with it). This Geneva cleaner cleaned in a "wet mode" using alcohol and left all my videos squeaky...[0.9]
  • ...cassette cleaner from a company called Geneva, which was an EXCELLENT cleaner (I was 100% satistfied with it). This Geneva cleaner cleaned...[0.8]

cleaning (1)

  • videos squeaky clean. The Kinyo cleaner is not nearly as good cleaning vhs cassettes, and I'm sure it's because it works on a "dry...[0.8]

feature set (1)

  • ...screwdriver. Not once has the cleaning button stayed down, so this feature is as good as absent. I finally put the infernal thing in the garbage,...[0.9]

happy (1)

  • ...replacable, it just pulls out and put on new pad. So far so good very happy esp. for the price....[0.8]

model (1)

  • ...several cleanings on both fast forward and rewind. All in all, this model is good and will extend the life of the motor on your VCR, the primary...[1.0]

price (1)

  • ...forward as well and will clean my tapes at the same time! What a bargain ! I highly recommend this product....[1.0]

video quality (1)

  • ...very well. It takes the load off my video player, and it even cleans the videos as they are being rewound. It helps the player to last much...[0.8]


customer service (1)

  • ...description, and you said contact the manufacturer. I did - no response . Pete Salyards...[-1.0]

instruction (1)

  • ... It does not stop and pop open when tape is fully rewinded. The instruction is poor . And it is too costly to return to where I bought it. I used...[-1.0]

lid (1)

  • ...thought it might, considering the other reviews I read. The lid has problems staying closed on a lot of videos. It must be closed multiple...[-0.9]

reliability (15)

  • ...I had the same brand video rewinder for years and it worked fine until I left it on all night once, but I was so impressed when...[1.0]
  • ... It works very well . A bit noisy and sometimes the lid has to be pushed a little...[1.0]
  • ...have had no problems with the product and it works great...[1.0]
  • ...have had no problems with the product and it works grea t...[1.0]

tight (1)

  • ...POWER' through a sticky cassette. IF the cassette is balky and tight and poorly designed or otherwise less than good condition the rewinder...[-0.8]

usability (1)

  • ...his re-winder does not re-wind the tapes all the way and is very noisy ....[-0.6]
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