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Canon GL2 Mini DV 3CCD Camcorder, 20x Optical/100x Digital Zoom, Color Viewfinder, 2.5" LCD Screen

Canon GL2 Mini DV 3CCD Camcorder, 20x Optical/100x Digital Zoom, Color Viewfinder, 2.5" LCD Screen

1/4" 3CCD, 410,000 Gross Pixels, 380,000 Effective Pixels, using Pixel Shift Technology

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Does anybody know the best video Camera for filming that is kind of cheap?
Canon GL2 3CCD 2.5"LCD 20X Optical Zoom Professional Camcorder
Canon GL2 Mini DV 3CCD Camcorder, 20x Optical/100x Digital Zoom, Color Viewfinder, 2.5" LCD Screen
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automatic modes (2)

  • ...situations. Easy to use, more features than we've yet discovered. Automatic modes make it easy for beginners to use. Highly recommend optional windscreen for...[0.9]
  • ...great for anyone who wants to control how their video comes out. The automatic modes are pretty good but that's not why you would buy this camera. Even the automatic...[0.5]

camera (5)

  • ... This camera is SPECTACULAR !!!! For about a year or two. Then the system tape rejection...[1.0]
  • ... This camera is Great ! I use it to film events for a broadcasting class at school...[1.0]
  • ...all of those specs that may not make sense to you right now? This camera is usable by someone who has never used a camera (which was me before...[1.0]
  • ...), but don't let that stop you from your purchase of this. This camera is incredible ! I seriously love it. ...[1.0]

feature set (3)

  • ...shopped and shopped until I found this one, best price for the best features , looking back, I should have saved my money. With websites like...[0.8]
  • ...the camera to play or offload videos (why advertise it as a feature if its such a bad idea?). He advised that you should buy a cheaper video camera...[-0.6400000000000001]
  • ...semi-low rez digital camera mode. Great image stabilization. Cons: Many of the control features are controlled through a menu access system. This has taken...[-0.6400000000000001]

general (15)

  • ...I own 2 Canon GL2's. The picture is really great when the camera is new. I use a VCR to import video for editing. After about...[1.0]
  • ...internet, like sketches or DIY videos, again, this is probably a good choice if you are starting out. The GL2 is basically like a semi professional...[1.0]
  • ...or you could get the next level of quality at $4000+. But for this price--$2200--this camera is great . Even though it's not 24p, there is something about the image...[1.0]
  • the camera from amazon about 3 months ago and its amazing. the features are amazing . ...[1.0]

image quality (3)

  • ...only want sound from the front, but thats just a minor problem. The image quality is superb ! Just be sure that you buy a better battery, because the one...[1.0]
  • ...odd mid range. If you just want an easy to use camcorder that has great image quality, i'd probably reccommend one of the small panasonic 3ccd cameras...[1.0]
  • ...the Xl1s, but I decided to save some money and buy the Gl-2. The image quality is great and it also offers great audio controls. The one thing that...[1.0]

manual controls (2)

  • ...around great camera but gets dirty easily. Video quality and manual controls are top notch . ...[1.0]
  • ...camcorders - can easily & quickly change tapes when using on tripod. Con: -Learning to operate some manual controls can be a little confusing and complicated. -The manual takes...[-0.6400000000000001]

picture quality (10)

  • ...I own 2 Canon GL2's. The picture is really great when the camera is new. I use a VCR to import video for editing...[1.0]
  • ... The picture quality is excellent , camera works extremely well in various low-light situations...[1.0]
  • ...GL2, and am very pleased with the results I'm getting so far. Image quality is great , especially for such a small and lightweight camera. The manual...[0.9]
  • and get a different camera. What's great about it? The image quality is better than anything I've seen before. With 3CCD, it's good. Unlike the...[0.9]

price (5)

  • ...For the money, this is a great buy . I haven't had any function problems with mine yet, but that...[1.0]
  • ...the LCDs and yet, it still works like brand new. Definitely a good buy ! ...[1.0]
  • ... Great camera , Great price . Bought this camera for my 16 year old son. He makes skateboard...[0.8]
  • ...I think is the best camera in the world and for a good price . Please try it and then will talk about it. ......[0.8]

usability (3)

  • ...effects/transitions. -White balance automatic/manual options easy to use . Feature's buttons near LCD panel. -Feature to reduce flicker...[1.0]
  • a few times, and the problem has returned. The camera is easy to use, and shoots good video, but if I had to do it over again, I would go with another manufacturer...[0.5]
  • ...on the screen. But it was not an unsurmountable problem, just not user friendly . The menus are clunky to use and I would like better audio inputs...[-1.0]

video quality (7)

  • has been used no more than 60-70 hours total. I had been very happy with the video and audio quality. Then the infamous "Remove Cassette" error...[1.0]
  • ...and brand of tapes you use, and you will enjoy many years of incredible video . Other thoughts: -While I have several wireless and shotgun...[0.8]
  • ...mode. Summary: All around great camera but gets dirty easily. Video quality and manual controls are top notch . ...[0.8]
  • ...I bought this camera to create some instructional videos and have been very impressed . With a tripod and the remote control, the user can make excellent...[0.8]

weight balance (1)

  • ...and price. It has given me the flexibility I was looking for. The weight balance is good , the controls are easily accessible and battery life is very...[1.0]

working (5)

  • ...The results are pristine and every button and function just works great without being overcomplicated. This is one camera where you...[0.9]
  • ...better deals out there, it is difficult to believe that anything works better than the ZR1000 Wired Remote Control. I love them!...[0.9]
  • ...look into the PD-150/170 line. This camera is nice. It will do great work . However, I've heard too many horror stories about pried open...[0.8]
  • ...The GL2 has proved to be a great friend. Pros: My documentary work involves a diverse set of environments, from deep caves to back...[0.6400000000000001]


customer service (2)

  • ...after receipt of the product by Matt Greene at Amazon, still no refund . After 3 calls to their customer service, taken by people in...[-0.6]
  • ...the tape. I kept calling Canon repair service. I always had to wait on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes. (No toll free call to the repair...[-1.0]

reliability (15)

  • ...I have had my Canon GL2 for several years. It worked fine for the first 2 years or so, then I got the dreaded "Remove...[1.0]
  • ...inappropriate for all ages. I even take them on vacation! They have worked flawlessly in every instance. I can't say that the low light performance...[1.0]
  • ...product looks very professional! The camera is used daily and is very durable .No Complaints from him at all! Canon GL2 Mini DV 3 CCD Camcorder...[1.0]
  • ...for about 6 months and just bought by second one. I have had no mechanical problems with it at all. The features that I especially like on it are...[1.0]

zoom functions (1)

  • ...zoom button failed after 70 minutes of use, making the auto zoom function useless . Now I must send the camera back to Canon only after 20 days...[-0.8]
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