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Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Blue

Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Blue

Up to 2,000 songs - Up to 8 hours video - Audio Playback: Up to 24 hours - Video Playback: Up to 5 hours - Earphones, dock adapter, USB 2.0 cable - 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24 inches

Q&A Recommending this Product

i have a 2gb ipod nano but i have like 8 gigs on my itunes. so if anyone can hook me up let me know:)
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Apple iPod nano 8GB, Green, 5th Gen (Newest model)
Apple iPod nano 8 GB Black (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Apple iPod nano 8 GB Blue (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
is there another music player like an ipod but cheaper?
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Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Black
Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Blue
SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8GB MP3 Player - Black
where can i buy the new ipod nano with camera?
When shopping for: ipod nano View all 1 answers
Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Blue
Apple iPod nano 16GB, Silver, 5th Gen (Newest model)
Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Black

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Apple iPod nano 8GB (5th Generation) - Blue
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battery life (8)

  • ...clock/calendar/alarm/stopwatch/EQ/Shuffle and among others. The battery life is pretty good overall it plays music for a whole day and video i think 5 hours...[1.0]
  • ...based) for storage at home and long trips. The iPod Nano (8gb) has good battery life, even by my ipod classic standards. I got a really cheap case...[1.0]
  • ...Coverflow is fairly pointless, but the classic controls work well. The battery life is amazing if you are listening to audio, but abysmal with video. I can...[1.0]
  • ...something that you can use for long time without any problems. Battery life is amazing , sound quality perfect, screen also fine 320/240 it is standard...[0.9]

color quality (3)

  • ...I love my new ipod! I love the color and the size. The 8gb capacity is ideal for me and holds a lot...[0.8]
  • ... Love the color and easy to use . Also enjoyed the free case that came with it....[0.8]
  • ...Love the new Nano - while it's a small screen, the clarity is great and the color is fun. This was a replacement for the 2nd gen Nano for my daughter...[0.8]

design (9)

  • space, but it gets the job done while staying sleek and stylish ....[1.0]
  • purchased within the last month.Battery lasts days, appearance decent ....[0.9]
  • I just recently purchased one to replace mine, because I love the style of the 3rd generation. I bought one at the Apple website - it...[0.8]
  • ...USB cords, charges in other devices (even my Xbox 360!), has a great design , is able to play video files, let's you view crisp and clear...[0.8]

feature set (8)

  • ...brings up the album pictures to go with the song. The wheel is a very cool feature and allows you to navigate through the menu very quickly. The...[1.0]
  • ...everyone seems to be producing. Being so small and having so many features makes it perfect for keeping it on your person all the time. I almost don't won...[0.9]
  • ...will never regret it! i do not even need to tell you about the features of this great gadget, all I need to say is that this will always come in handy...[0.9]
  • ...than satisfied with it. This device has quite a long list of amazing features . It plays both my iTunes and MP3 files, is compadible with all...[0.8]

general (15)

  • to do so. I'm afraid I can't help you here... Music!... The sound quality here is great . While listening to your music, you can flip through album covers...[1.0]
  • ...I was very happy with my purchase from this vendor. The shipping was speedy, and when...[1.0]
  • ...I think that this is a very good product . Even though it is a bit more expensive then some of the other...[1.0]
  • ...This product exceeded my expectation and made the person that we gave it to, as a gift, a VERY happy...[1.0]

generation (6)

  • ...having it where ever I go. My husband has one also and he thinks this generation is great ....[1.0]
  • ...Apple 4 GB iPod nano AAC/MP3 Player Silver (3rd Generation) Great product with great sound; small and compact - perfect size for...[0.9]
  • ...Apple 4 GB iPod nano AAC/MP3 Player Silver (3rd Generation) Very pleased with the product; very user friendly....[0.8]
  • ...year. The screen is a nice size, much better than the Nano 4th generation and the sound is excellent . I especially like the fact it brings up the album pictures...[0.7200000000000001]

picture quality (10)

  • ...and smaller version. The music sounds very clear and robust. The picture is brilliant and crisp. I did encounter a very frustrating problem when I...[1.0]
  • ...days of music and 6 hours of video). Hold switch is very nice. Picture quality is great . Reported highest quality iPod video yet. Looks amazing. Even...[0.9]
  • ...on mine and although the screen is pretty small, it's still a good picture and convenient on long car and plane rides. Overall this is a great product...[0.9]
  • ...songs on to it and small enough for me to carry everywhere!I really like the picture quality when I load videos! I like this ipod instead of the 4th generation...[0.8]

price (15)

  • ...absolute enjoy you can have in a pursuit of an item! It was a great deal !...[1.0]
  • ...ipod. I bought it for my husband and he loves it! Got it for a very good price ......[1.0]
  • Hon got this one from somewhere. it is a decent size, and not too expensive , contra my Classic, apart from the sentimental value, do land...[1.0]
  • ...I purchased this nano from the seller at a great price . Their service was quick and smooth. I love my nano. thanks...[1.0]

reliability (15)

  • ...quality. We use this Nano on a portable speaker device too, and it works great ! Size makes it just right for kids to carry in their pocket...[1.0]
  • ...generation ipod nano. I've had this model ipod since dec. 2007 and never had any problems with it. I've dropped it countless times and it holds up prety...[1.0]
  • ...state beast. Every single aspect of this device is rugged and durable . I've dropped it numerous times, and it's always fine. I thought...[1.0]
  • ...instead of the third generation that I ordered and wanted. I had no problems getting in contact with someone and all of my emails were replyed...[1.0]

screen (15)

  • ...The new ipod nano is really cool. It's very thin and has a really nice screen that allows for movies and music videos to watched while I'm...[1.0]
  • ...XP's sake), and the sound quality is subsequently deplorable. The screen is really nice , I like that. And the Cover Flow thing is actually amazing,...[1.0]
  • this thing! It's nice and small for portability, but the screen is still a decent size. I'm so glad I bought it!...[0.9]
  • features that were not on her mp3. They both enjoy the screen a great deal....No complaints about this product. It's a winner....[0.9]

size (15)

  • ...charge alot better then my old nano 2GB (2nd Generation) Ipod. The size is great for travel and putting in your pocket. The sound and video quality...[1.0]
  • ...I have found the pink ipod Nano to be very satisfactory. The size is perfect for going to the gym, etc and the sound quality is great. I...[1.0]
  • ...great things to say about the lastest new model of the ipod. The size is wonderful -it fits right in my pocket when I'm on the go. The color is...[1.0]
  • ...amazing. For the small size of the Nano itself, the screen is a very nice size , and it's super clear, bright and produces excellent color....[1.0]

sound quality (15)

  • ...some of the new ones and just enjoy listening. This ipod has very good sound and I bought Bose earbuds. Can not beat it....[1.0]
  • ...product and it is great. You can downloads movies and music fast. The sound is great . It was a great buy....[1.0]
  • ...50 more for the other one! The screen is crystal clear, and the sound quality is excellent . It is easy to use and the compact size is very convenient....[1.0]
  • a nice size, much better than the Nano 4th generation and the sound is excellent . I especially like the fact it brings up the album pictures...[1.0]

usability (8)

  • ...purchased additional ones after Christmas last year, that are easier to use ....[1.0]
  • a little behind with the times. He seems to like it a lot. User-friendly . Nice and small, but not so small (like the shuffle) that you...[1.0]
  • ...Yeah sure it has easy control touch pad and it can use i-tunes, I will give it credit for...[1.0]
  • ...I bought this one for my mom because she liked mine. Easy to use , tiny, tons of memory (1200 songs). I'm not sure how the scroll...[1.0]

video quality (7)

  • ...Love the coverflow feature and although the screen in small the video quality is impressive . 2 thumbs up... 5 stars....[1.0]
  • ...i love the slick look of this ipod. it holds many songs, video and has an amazing battery life....[0.9]
  • ...putting in your pocket. The sound and video quality is great, Video is amazing for such a little ipod....[0.9]
  • ...overcharge it because you can mess up your battery that way). Video looks surprisingly good for the size. Overall i love this ipod, it's REALLY small,...[0.8]

working (9)

  • ...w-some small scratches on the back. Other then that the ipod works great , i just think if i buy something "NEW" it should be new , not...[0.9]
  • ...I pod works good . Happy for now.Just purchased within the last month.Battery...[0.9]
  • ...Like most Apple products, it works and is easy to use . I got it for my kids and of course they knew how it works without...[0.9]
  • ...ipod with all the money i earned for Christmas. It started out working beautifully . I was in love :) Then a few months after I bought it, it would...[0.9]
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