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Washing Machines

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Which is the best washing machine out there?

When shopping for: washing machine | Posted 07/09/2009 | 761 Views
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Answers: (1)

JDean1986 Posted: 07/09/2009
Ranked: 13th in Washing Machines (based on 4 answers )
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Here are the top washing machines on the market today. These are highly rated by consumers and are set at a decent price.
The GE:WJRE5500G 27" Washing Machine:The 4 wash/spin cycle cleans clothes at the exact temperature to remove dirt and reduce wear. An added bonus is the 4 water levels which offers water and energy savings.
  • stainless steel basket makes room for more items, which means less time doing laundry

Hydro-Wave wash system
  • Has variable speeds to match the wash action to the clothing type. Longer, slower travel through the water improves cleaning performance and is gentler on your clothes

Five wash/spin speed combinations
  • Speeds are matched to fabric type for better clothes care

18 wash cycles
  • A cycle for all of your laundry loads and needs

Four wash/rinse temperatures
  • Washer cleans at the exact temperature needed to remove dirt and reduce wear

Four water levels
  • Offers water and energy savings.

Pre-wash Cycle
  • ¬†Allows clothing additional time to soak and agitate to help remove stubborn stains
Fisher & Paykel Eco Top Load Washer:
  • A machine so intelligent that it senses the average fabric mix of the load and creates the optimum wash cycle based on what it 'feels'.
  • Wash Cycles:
  • 13 Speciality Lifecycles
  • Handwash
  • Permanent Press
  • Wool

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Comment by JDean1986: There is a cycle for every laundry load and need with 18 wash cycles.
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At Abt
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Comment by JDean1986: free shipping and no sales tax
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