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Which is better for a chest cold? A humidifier or a vaporizer?

When shopping for: health | Posted 05/02/2009 | 703 Views
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Answers: (2)

Reenita Posted: 05/13/2009
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They do two different things. A humidifier is great for keeping the air moist. this is important because you want to avoid mucus from getting 'stuck' and hardened in your chest and olfactory passages. A vaporizer is good for circulating therapeutic essential oils through the environment -- these might actually relieve some of your congestion.

For a natural approach to treating colds, you might try soem suggestions from Ayurveda:

lovestosmile Posted: 05/02/2009
Ranked: 3rd in Humidifiers (based on 4 answers )
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According to the health pages I read it doesn't matter. It is just whatever you prefer. They both work to do the same job. This is what the doctor says:

During the illness, use a cool-mist humidifier or vaporizer in your child's room. This helps moisten the air and may help clear your child's nasal passages. Be sure to clean the humidifier or vaporizer often, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Vaporizers are cheap. Ten or twenty bucks at Wal-Mart. Humidifiers aren't. In my opinion, water that is boiled is unlikely to harbor any bacteria of any sort. Warm air to me seems to hold water better than cold air. Normally I find warmer air to be more soothing than cold air. There are no moving parts on most vaporizers, as they just have a little heating element to do the boiling.

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