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Which conditioner is better? Pantene, Dove, Garnier or Sunsilk??

When shopping for: hair | Posted 06/07/2009 | 1411 Views
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Answers: (1)

Megan Posted: 06/07/2009
Ranked: 9th in Shampoos & Conditioners (based on 5 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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Dove is the best, it was recommended to me by a a hairdresser. Has good quality ingredients and makes my hair healthy. It has the most natural ingredients that wont damage your hair. Therest contain silicone that coat your hair and damage the cuticle http://www.more.It makes your hair feel softer but in the long run ruins it even more.

I would stay away from Pantene and Sunsilk. Even though they smell nicethe hairdresser told me to stay away from them as they contain siliconewhich is bad for hair.
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$4.24 - $6.49
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Comment by Megan: The most intense of the dove line.
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