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Where can i get a replacement screen for a Sharp Aquos LC46D64U?

When shopping for: TV Screen replacement | Posted 03/27/2009 | 1169 Views
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Sharp AQUOS LC-32SB24U 32 in. LCD TV $380.00 - $525.00
Sharp AQUOS LC-46D64U 46 in. HDTV LCD TV $1100.00 - $2080.00
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Answers: (1)

tracey78 Posted: 03/27/2009
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It is actually cheaper to buy a new TV than it is to replace an LCD screen on a TV. I can find you a Sharp Aquos replacement television. This 32" Sharp is HDTV with slim design with a distinctive small foot print. Built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC Tuners for DTV and analog TV viewing makes it convenient if you watch TV via antenna. The 46" Sharp television shown sets a new standard for large-screen flat panel TVs. With the it you get a Full HD 1080p resolution and an elegant new design. It features a Spectral Contrast Engine UD that provides a high Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 6ms response time and wide viewing angles.
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$380.00 - $525.00
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Comment by tracey78: 32 inch Sharp Aquos for replacement
$1100.00 - $2080.00
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