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where can i find small novelty trash can 6" or smaller

When shopping for: now | Posted 01/16/2010 | 1660 Views
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Answers: (4)

VDeLongpre Posted: 01/17/2010
Ranked: 27th in Household Supplies (based on 2 answers / 2 positive ratings )
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As I carefully perused your question, I realized that you are not looking for a novel trash can, but rather a tiny novelty one (such as for a gag gift or a desk). I'm noting that for the benefit of any other IM shoppers who might also want to help assist you as well. :)

Here is exactly what you are looking for. At 4.25 inches tall, what makes these adorable cans absolutely irresistable is that these run an unbelievably low price of 2.29 each!


They have larger sizes as well (including the 6 inch ones)

And here is where to buy them:

Galvanized Pails aka 'Tiny Trash Cans'

Have a great day!

doyon56 Posted: 07/04/2010
Ranked: 4th in Trash Cans & Wastebaskets (based on 6 answers )
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Goto: to find cool garbage and recycling bin products.
djcaples Posted: 01/17/2010
Ranked: 48th in Household Supplies (based on 3 answers )
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Bed, Bath and Beyond has some adorable novelty trash cans.  You can check some out on line or if you have one locally, it is more fun to go and look at them.
Tnmommyof3 Posted: 01/16/2010
Ranked: 33rd in Household Supplies (based on 6 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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Hi, and welcome to IMshopping! There are several places where you can find small novelty trash cans online and offline. It just all depends on what you want. I have found some really unique ones that you might find intruiging.

First place we are heading to is Past Perfect, who carries a small trash can in the shape of an old 50's style jukebox. You have to contact the company for more information on pricing.

Next place we are heading to is Hanger City, where they have an actual 3.3 Gallon trash bucket created by Interdesign. This is selling for $14.99.

Last but not least, we are heading to Amazon for the Circo Monkey wastebasket. This cute and cuddly trashcan will bring out the kid in you. This is selling for $19.99. I hope these help you in your shopping journey and thank you for visiting IMshopping!

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