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Where can I find a gumball machine for my home?

When shopping for: Gumball machine | Posted 03/30/2009 | 567 Views
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Answers: (1)

Sable_09 Posted: 03/30/2009
Ranked: 80th in Home & Garden (based on 65 answers / 2 positive ratings )
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The Antique Style Gumball Machine is recommended for Children Ages 3+ You'll love the what this vintage looking Gumball Machine adds to your decor. Ideal for your business and fun for kids rooms and game rooms, antique style gum ball machines also make charming gifts. The Vintage Style Gumball Machine With Stand is an Antique style gumball machine holds 64oz of gumballs. It comes with 5 Pounds of Gum is included for free. Machine is 15" ....comes with stand for 37" overall height. Easy Assembly required The Gumball Bank combines a 7.5"(19.05 cm) cast metal base with a 7.5"(19.05 cm) clear glass globe for an impressive 15"(38.1 cm) height. The solid cast metal base gives it a substantial feel and stability. The internally threaded metal bottom plate can be mounted on top of the cast metal floor stand, which is 23"(58.42 cm) tall, bringing the overall height to 38"(96.52 cm) with both Gumball Bank and Stand. The dispensing mechanism is adjustable to vary the amount of candies or gumballs dispensed and an anti-spill cover keeps those candies or gumballs in the tray. Classic Red Finish Bank Designer metal stand available in Black This bank takes 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, and 25¢ Holds 62 oz of candy or 1/2" Gumballs. TWO tubs of 1/2" Junior gumballs (not included) fill this bank approximately 1 time. If you are looking to find a Gumball machine that takes you back to the past then I would recommended the Vintage Style Gumball Machine With Stand from E-bay. It is a classic machine and you will get 5 pounds of Gumballs.
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At Ebay
Comment by Sable_09: Comes with 5 lbs of Gumballs.
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Amazon Customers say: ()
Comment by Sable_09: Measures: 9 inches high
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