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where can i find a fireproof heater?

When shopping for: heater | Posted 01/08/2010 | 868 Views
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Answers: (2)

iDealGolfer Posted: 01/09/2010
Ranked: 9th in Heaters (based on 5 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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When I worked in a damp drafty office we used this particular heater.  It can stand anywhere on its own feet. Will not accentuate allergies.  It has a surface temperature below 200 degrees fahrenheit and no exposed glowing elements, the heater is safe to the touch and includes an automatic tip-over switch. Helps eliminate constant changing central themostats. Perfect for anyone who works at a desk, counter, home, hobby or sewing table.
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general, heater, reliability, working, usability, build quality, thermostat, heat, safety features, replacement, low setting, sized room, basically, consumer, provides
cmsrjp Posted: 01/08/2010
Ranked: 15th in Heaters (based on 1 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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I was unable to find a heater labeled "fireproof heater," but I did find a website  that has infared heaters that are never able to reach a temperature that could start a fire.
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