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Where can I find a 32 inch television for less than $300 on Black Friday?

When shopping for: Black Friday Deals | Posted 11/12/2009 | 2258 Views
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OnyxStar Posted: 11/12/2009
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There will so many great deals out there on all kinds of electronics but you must be careful and remember that you get what you pay for and some of the things that you may buy for less will be of poor quality. I worked in retail for 5 years and I know that if you want big ticket items like TV's then you may have to camp out at the store BLACK FRIDAY is the best and the worst sale of the year and it is so highly anticipated by everyone. Make sure you go to your local stores and get the ad papers because I'm not sure if the prices are exactly the same in every state!
I did happen to stumble over a ad for Target.
The ad was for a 32 inch Westinghouse LCD TV for $246! That is a Whopper of a discount because this TV is normaly around $500.

You can check it out by clicking here but just remember that the prices are not reflected on the site for Black Friday because it is strictly an in store sale and simply because it is not Black Friday yet.
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$290.00 - $650.00
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$320.00 - $860.00
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$327.00 - $427.00
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