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Where can I buy an e-ink monitor? An e-ink display that connects to my computer?

When shopping for: Monitors | Posted 02/23/2010 | 1520 Views
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Answers: (2)

VDeLongpre Posted: 02/24/2010
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E-ink, a technology developed for reading material applications such as magazines and newspapers, has not been incorporated into the world of computing for primarily one reason: It has no real advantages over LCD.

Keep in mind that backlight does not work consistently with e-ink, which limits its applications tremendously. As well, many software programs (think gaming) require a specific graphics card standard - which is not applicable with actual e-ink. And that's not even discussing the horrendous refresh rate (which remains a major irritant to reader users whenever they try and turn a page)/

The eink site lists the primary applications of this technology as well as advances to watch for in the years to come.



TracyLynn0923 Posted: 02/24/2010
Ranked: 2nd in Computers (based on 704 answers / 14 positive ratings )
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I think that e-ink is a good idea but still years away from being really useful. I want to read more things then books!
E-ink is simply too slow and power consuming to provide a 30 fps or anything close, and can only handle a limited number of colors per pixel. It's mainly designed for things like e-books where you don't need a fast-moving display or many colors. Amazon's Kindle is a perfect example. You don't change pages any more than once every 20 or 30 seconds or so.
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