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what side effect are caused by bullymax? my dog is loosing all her hair after giving her this bullymax

When shopping for: Dog Supplements for Muscle, Bully Max Muscle Builder, Vitamins for Dogs | Posted 07/24/2010 | 2988 Views
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PamelaA Posted: 07/24/2010
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While dogs are taking the Bully Max Canine Muscle Supplement it raise the immune system (which means your dog will be safer from infections), an raise in metabolism, and a raise in vision. Bully Max muscle supplements for dogs are also excellent for proper bone nourishment as well as a raise in tendon strength. This muscle supplement for dogs also aids in their muscle build, and a raise in your dogs skin and coat health. Bully Max: provides the following powerful benefits: Increase Strength, Muscle, Power & Speed Extend Endurance Speed Recovery Better Oxygen Delivery Stress Fighters Build Muscle Raise Health & Immunity Post Surgery, Chemo, & Trauma Trans Fat, Sucrose, Corn Syrup Free! K9 Athletes Hard Keepers Dogs Needing to Muscle Up. As of today there has not been any reports of side effects. All review have been good reviews. You may want to call your Veterinarian.
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