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what is the easiest security camera to install in home and the least noticeable?

Asked on: When shopping for: security | Posted 10/25/2009 | 1162 Views
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Answers: (1)

JessicaE Posted: 10/25/2009
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We have a quite a selection of security cameras available to you! Home safety is very important and we offer many items to meet your needs.

You may be interested in one of our dome shaped cameras. They have a small camera inside them which makes them discreet. The Q-See QPD308 Dome Camera has 30 foot night vision and can be used indoors. It comes with a 60 foot cable for easy installation and connects to any TV, VCR, or DVR. It is available for $70.88.


Alternatively, you may like the Q-See QSD360 Dome Camera. It is vadal-proof and good for outdoor use. It also comes with a 60 foot cable for easy installation and is a high resolution camera. It is available for $144.99.


You may like to purchase a package set like the Lorex 4-Channel Wireless Security Camera System. They are smaller sized cameras but still powerful as they have night vision, can record audio, and are weatherproof. The package comes with a 7 inch LCD TV for viewing. It cost $433.88.

The Swann Camera with Wide Angle Lens is discreet and easy to use for daytime surveillance.


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