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what is the difference between a soccer ball and a volleyball?

When shopping for: toys | Posted 05/04/2009 | 8691 Views
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Answers: (1)

TSCShopper Posted: 05/04/2009
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Volleyballs weight less (just under 10 oz) than soccer balls (14-166 oz), Volleyballs are just a smidge smaller (25-26 inches) than soccer balls (27-28 inches) in circumference. Volleyballs have six panels divided into three sections, soccer balls are usually 32 panels, but sometimes the panels resemble a volleyball's. Volleyballs are also usually made of a softer material than soccer balls. A volleyball you can't kick, unless it's a beach volleyball.

If you want the best indoor volleyball I would recommend the Tachikara NCCAA rated volleyball from Dick's. If you want to try your hand at volleyball, I would recommend the Wilson Official replica volleyball. Have a ball!

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