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What is the best Swim Spa company?

When shopping for: swim spa | Posted 07/01/2009 | 2251 Views
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Answers: (1)

lmbee1001 Posted: 07/02/2009
Ranked: 12th in Spas (based on 2 answers )
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Ahhhhh..nothing like the feel of a spa and even better being able to also get a good low impact workout.  I found two spa companies that seem to rank pretty high. 

The first is Master Spas. The company was established in 1996.

The original H2X swim spa is 16' 9" long is perfect for serious swimmers and families looking for the perfect fun center. Experience water to the Xtreme.
  • Sleek, European-inspired styling allows for a smoother swimming experience than other swim spas
 • Exerswim Propulsion System with adjustable controls
 • Xtreme Therapy Seat
 • Xtreme Therapy Cove
 • Aquatic Exercise System
 • LED lights and Waterfalls
 • Optional high end stereo with pop up speakers and transducer
 • Low Maintenance
 • The most energy efficient swim spa you can buy (requires only 50 amp electrical service)
 • Microban® antimicrobial protection available on select colors
Shell: Acrylic
Insulation: Icynene
Propulsion: ExerSwim Propulsion System
Top 5 Options:
Xtreme therapy seat, Xtreme therapy cove, stereo/CD with transducers, LED light, backlit waterfall
Warranty: 10 years, structure; 7 years, shell; 5 years, parts and labor
Price Range: $18,000 - $33,000

Next is SwimEx. The company was established in 1984. Their focus is centered upon controlling the therapeutic properties of water used for aquatic therapy to provide a nearly stress-free environment for rehabilitation. SwimEx specializes in the design and manufacturing of fiberglass rehabilitation and conditioning pools for home and professional use. SwimEx is dedicated to building the finest swim spa fitness pools and rehabilitation equipment for home, sports and healthcare.

Shell: Fiberglass
Insulation: Balsa wood core
Propulsion:  Paddlewheels
Top 5 Options:
Eight models, custom colors, tile, railing and lighting packages, fully customizable spas available
Warranty: 10 years, structure; 5 years, finishes; 2 years, mechanical
Price Range: Starting at $22,450

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