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What is a good mop to use if you have a bad back?

When shopping for: Household | Posted 04/25/2009 | 637 Views
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Answers: (1)

brittanyvanhouten Posted: 04/25/2009
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If you have a bad back, I would recommend two different mops for ease of use. One is a little more environmentally friendly than the other. The first one is the Libman wonder mop with a removable washable head. You can buy this at for $9.98. The other is a Swiffer Wet Jet, which you can buy on for $17.59. Both are much better than the good old fashioned hands and knees approach and are much more sanitary that the traditional braided mop. Happy mopping and hope you found this helpful!
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Comment by brittanyvanhouten: This one is very easy to use. Just place the pad on the bottom and you can squirt the solution onto the floor via the handle.
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