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What kind of substrates can I use for a Savannah Monitor?

When shopping for: Reptiles | Posted 08/19/2009 | 338 Views
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Answers: (1)

ElenaJ Posted: 08/20/2009
Ranked: 4th in Monitors (based on 19 answers / 3 positive ratings )
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I have a few tips for you and products that will help you better care for your Savanna Monitor. Since the Savannah monitor is the only reptile that is not a snake that has a forked tongue. They can grow to as large as four or even six feet at maturity and therefore require a large enclosure and a lot of work. They can be very rewarding pets to watch and interact with if you are willing to care for them properly. The monitor has a life expectancy of six to ten years.


Things You'll Need:

    * Enclosure
    * Water bowl
    * Heat lamp
    * Thermometer
    * Full spectrum lighting
    * Substrate
    * Hiding area decorations
    * Vitamin and mineral supplement

1. Provide a large custom built enclosure for the adult monitor that is a minimum of 70 square feet of floor space and at least five feet high.
 2.Light the cage with a full spectrum light. The UV rays from full spectrum lighting are necessary for your Savannah monitor to properly function.
 3.Heat an area of the enclosure to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and keep the rest of the enclosure at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This thermal gradient is important because it allows the monitor to regulate its own body temperature.
 4. Cover the floor of the cage with dry substrates like sand or mulch.
5.Fill a small and shallow bowl full of clean and non-chlorinated water and place it in the enclosure.
 6.Feed the Savannah monitor a variety of insects like crickets, wax worms and meal worms. Be sure to dust the insects with a vitamin and mineral supplement prior to feeding.
7.Create hiding areas for your monitor in the enclosure. They enjoy the seclusion and will be very grateful to have proper areas to seek refuge. I hope this will help you with all your questions you may have about caring for your little friend! Let me know if you need more assistance...
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