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What kind of style dress is good if you have big arms you want to hide?

When shopping for: clothing | Posted 08/01/2009 | 4248 Views
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Answers: (1)

JDean1986 Posted: 08/01/2009
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Here are some suggestions on dresses for you to check out and I even listed some stylish cute tops for you aswell. These will make your arms look thinner and you will feel more confident. I know how you feel,I have the same problem and its simple to fix. So put on a dress and go strut your stuff. Also make sure when trying on any dress or top that the fabric around the arms is not tight,it can bulge more if tight.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing clothes if you would like to hide your "big arms":
  • Bell sleeves are great, they narrow up on the top part of your arm and then get wider until they form a bell shape. 
  • Blouses that have vertical stripes on the sleeve, whether they are short or long sleeves, will have a slimming effect on your arms. They make the upper arm appear narrow and long, which is exactly what you are shooting for.
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Comment by JDean1986: on sale
At Jms
Comment by JDean1986: perfect top and comes in many sizes
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