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Where can I buy solar filters/eclipse goggles?

When shopping for: goggles | Posted 08/09/2009 | 556 Views
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Answers: (1)

sf43935 Posted: 08/09/2009
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Eclipses are fascinating, aren't they? Of course, in many places, people consider an eclipse to be a sign of impending doom...but really we all know it's just an alignment between the moon and the sun.
They are cool to watch, but never, ever look directly at a solar eclipse! The sun is still there and it's still too bright to look at directly.
However, I may be misunderstanding your question. Is it actually solar filter/eclipse goggles for swimming? The ones that filter out the brightest of lights? If that's really what you're looking for, TYR Socket Rockets are the way to go.
TYR Socket Rocket 2.0 Eclipse Racing Goggle provides the extra-darktint for very bright environments. Perfect for backstroke and outdoor pools. Provides a universal fit for adults and youth swimmers. They are only $15.
You can also buy eclipse goggles for ATV riding. The Zeal Optics Eclipse Goggles will block out the brightest of lights while you're riding, and will eliminate glare as well.
As far as solar filters go, you can try the Eschenbach. They wrap around so no glare comes in the sides of your eyes, and will make driving that much more comfortable.

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At Ebay
Comment by sf43935: Block that glare!
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Comment by sf43935: Feel like Michael Phelps with these!
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Comment by sf43935: Great with your ATV.
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