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where can i find shoes similar to TOMS only cheaper?

When shopping for: shoes | Posted 08/12/2010 | 1648 Views
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Answers: (4)

chiru16 Posted: 07/20/2011
Ranked: 60th in Shoes (based on 2 answers / 3 positive ratings )
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chiru16 Posted: 07/20/2011
Ranked: 60th in Shoes (based on 2 answers / 3 positive ratings )
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zurijak Posted: 08/13/2010
Ranked: 45th in Shoes (based on 6 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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Hello and thanks for your question!

The type of shoes you are looking for are known as Alpargata shoes. These types of shoes are typically worn by Argentinian farmers (courtesy of Wiki) though some sources also say they are used by Argentinian Polo players. The Find website pulled sites from across the internet waves that sell these shoes though most of them are still known as TOMs since he was the first to promote the shoes. I recommend highly though purchasing from TOMs as this ensures the purpose of TOMs shoes is fulfilled: to provide a pair of shoes to a child for every pair sold. I don't think this is fulfilled when you purchase from other places. =( 

Most of the sites from the Find lead back to the TOMs website though some lead to Amazon. What confuses me about the Amazon website is that they show the sizes in EU. Use this chart to determine your size. 

Hope this helps!

PS Sanity Style had the shoes as well. For some reason it wouldn't allow me to add it as a picture. 
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alexishawkins Posted: 08/12/2010
Ranked: 78th in Shoes (based on 1 answers )
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Try or They have great selections and low prices.
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