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Where can I buy the Screaming Meanie alarm clock in stores?

When shopping for: alarm clocks | Posted 08/17/2009 | 6250 Views
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Answers: (2)

ushi Posted: 08/17/2009
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The Screaming Meanie 110  and its big brother, the Screaming Meanie 220, are actually designed for long-distance truckers, but they serve the same purpose for anyone that wants to get some sleep and ABSOLUTELY must wake up on time.

Both products contain a countdown timer on steroids.  Simply set the number of hours and minutes before you want to wake up (up to 19 hrs 59 minutes), and nap secure in the knowledge that you WON'T sleep through this alarm.  Starting 10 minutes before the timer expires, you'll learn where these little gals got their names - from the piercing 110dB siren!  (There is a "Low" volume setting if you need it).

Because of their specialized target audience these are not available in large retail chains. Your best bet is to order online, and also ask your local stores to start carrying them. This way, the people you tell about them ...will find them locally!
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cherriblossom Posted: 08/17/2009
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It doesn't look like this is available in most stores. You may want to try a truck stop or travel plaza as the Screaming Meanie Alarm clock is sold as a travel alarm clock. Another product you might like is Clocky I find Clocky very helpful when I want to keep hitting snooze.  

Product Features

  • Set your snooze time, 0-9 min
  • Snooze once before he runs away, choose 0 and he runs right away
  • Can jump from up to 3 feet
  • Moves on wood and carpet
  • Press snooze to view time at night
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