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I'm looking for a replacement cover/cushion for fisher-price nature's touch cradle swing. Do you know where can I find it?

When shopping for: baby swing | Posted 07/22/2010 | 1878 Views
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TracyLynn0923 Posted: 07/22/2010
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You can order replacement parts for Fisher-Price items on the Mattell website. They made several different models of the Papasan swings and have replacement cushions for almost all of them. The following are the models of papasan swings that they have replacement cushions for.
  • K7923 - Butterfly Garden Papasan™ Cradle Swing K7924 - Starlight Papasan™ Cradle Swing M5584 - Baby Papasan Cradle Swing N1973 - Papasan Cradle Swing - Walmart M5585 - Baby Papasan™ Cradle Swing P0098 - My Little Lamb™ Papasan Cradle Swing G2609 - Nature’s Touch™ Baby Papasan Cradle Swing
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denizatak commented on answer: "I checked it already, but there is no cover for the one that I'm looking for. Do you know if other models' covers can be used for this model? Thanks for your answer."
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