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where can I buy panty hose in bulk?

When shopping for: panty hose | Posted 08/15/2009 | 7962 Views
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Answers: (1)

starlightbella Posted: 08/15/2009
Ranked: 13th in Underwear & Socks (based on 12 answers / 3 positive ratings )
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Buying panty hose in bulk! Now that is a smart way to save some serious money on a product we all go through quickly!
Here are my picks for bulk hosiery:
First, Tradetang. You can get almost anything you need here in bulk. Now this is a Chinese run site, so some of the sentences seem silly (words not put together properly, etc..) But you can buy 20+ pair lots for about $100 or less, so who cares about the improper grammar! : )
Honestly though, they offer free shipping on most orders and have a nice selection of hosiery!

If you don’t need quite as many as 20 pairs, go to Bare Necessities. You can pick from all types of hose brands and then decide how many you’d like from their discounted prices. On orders over $100, they have free shipping. The ones by Hue I thought looked nice.

Finally, you can get sets of 9-12 for the low price of $16.47 at No-Nonsense when you buy in bulk. This is a brand I am sure we are all familiar with. They have the control top, footies, control top, sheer to waist and regular styles all in bulk pricing.

Thanks for using Imshopping, enjoy your new hosiery. : )
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Comment by starlightbella: 73.78-102.15 per 20 Pairs
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Comment by starlightbella: per pair buying
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