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What kind of paint should I use for painting on denim jeans?

When shopping for: Crafts | Posted 08/22/2009 | 917 Views
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katd1026 Posted: 08/22/2009
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Can I paint on denim clothing with oil paints?It is generally considered best to use paints that are specifically formulated for fabric painting. These will feel much more pleasant as a rule, being softer than typical rough artists' paints. The very best fabric paints, such as Lumiere and Setacolour, change the feel of the fabric almost not at all. Can I paint on denim clothing with oil paints?For the softest fabric, with no change in its soft texture at all, avoid paint altogether, and paint with dye. Fiber reactive dyes react directly with the molecules of the fabric itself to form a permanent bond that changes the color of the fabric itself. Paints will wear off or flake off, but high quality fiber reactive dye will last forever unless bleached or left too long in bright light.
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