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Where can I buy a manual treadmill?

When shopping for: manual treadmill | Posted 04/30/2010 | 560 Views
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Answers: (1)

mijnhertje Posted: 04/30/2010
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When you have a good manual treadmill you can exercise any time you want. I recommend these quality and inexpensive products:

Attached product photo 29500186The Phoenix Easy-Up 516 Manual Treadmill is an economical yet reliable walking Treadmill with smooth, quiet operation. Achieve the maximum intensity of your workout as you power the belt without a motor. This also allows you to select your own pace and alter it at any time. The Easy-Up 516 Manual has a heavy-duty weighted flywheel that ensures a smooth and quiet operation.

Attached product photo 29500188I recommend the Cardio Stride Plus from Weslo, featuring a Step-by-Step Console with an extra-large LCD display, three-position incline, dual flywheel and SpaceSaver design.

Attached product photo 29500190The Stamina InMotion T3000 manual treadmill is an easy, affordable way to get a great cardiovascular workout at home while you tone your muscles and build endurance at your own rate. Adjust the incline for the workout intensity that is right for you. When not in use, fold, roll, and store away in a closet or corner. Use at home or at the office to improve cardiovascular fitness, tone, and aid in weight loss.

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