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Living Accents Gazebo (L-GZ099PST) need instructions for assembly

When shopping for: Canopies & Gazebos | Posted 06/27/2010 | 7226 Views
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Answers: (2)

Nathan_P_Stevens Posted: 06/26/2012
Ranked: 8th in Canopies & Gazebos (based on 5 answers )
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Here's a .pdf file of the manual that I was anal enough to keep when I bought the canopy. 

By the way, our canopy is now two years old and is still going strong.





Jessica_Hagar Posted: 06/27/2010
Ranked: 1st in Canopies & Gazebos (based on 9 answers / 6 positive ratings )
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Hello and thank you for using IMshopping! I was lucky enought to have found something helpful on , it was actually a review from a buyer who listed some helpful tips on the instructions. I do recommend that you contact the company that makes them to get a booklet. here is what it said- ' I anchored the plastic base supports to my deck and also drilled a hole through the vertical section of the plastic base support AND the pole itself and put a screw through that. Then I anchored the poles on two sides to my deck railing. I also used cotter pins through the metal loops that connect each two sections of the tubular poles. Hard to explain, but it will make sense when you see how the poles connect. The point is wherever two pole sections are connected, you (or the wind) can pull them apart pretty easily, but not if you put a cotter pin through the metal loop. So, again with proper anchoring, this gazebo will work fine. It is very easy to assemble with instructions that a child could follow. It fits together well and looks better than it shows in the picture. One person complained of the fabric quickly fading to a pinkish color. The manufacturer must have changed at least part of the fabric on the one that I received. The main gazebo fabric has held its color well, but the top-tier roof section has faded to that pinkish color that the other reviewer mentioned. We have been through several major rain and wind storms and the gazebo is holding up well. There will be some puddling of water on the top, however, you can alleviate most of that by pulling the fabric as tight as possible and anchoring to the lowest notch at the base of each pole. All things considered, this is a good value for the money if you take a few extra steps to anchor it properly.''
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