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What kind of jacket is in style for teen boys this winter?

When shopping for: jackets | Posted 09/29/2009 | 2241 Views
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katd1026 Posted: 09/30/2009
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This happens to be a great season for all kinds of jackets especially for the younger generation. My teenage daughter always keeps me in the fashion loop and it helps watching fashion week and catching up on the fashion trends even for teens!. Pretty much anything goes with coats and jackets this season. The hottest looks are wool peacoats that are double or single breasted,military style jackets and even the original snorkel; jacket has made a return with some modern edges. Leather is very in this season once again and there are many styles of leather whether it be just a leather detail or a full leather jacket.  A great place to start looking for a coat or jacket is Nordstroms. Nordstroms has a great selection of various coats or jacket styles to choose from such as The Hurley French Peacoat -Classically styled peacoat updated in smooth French terry offers a modern, casual take on a wardrobe staple. A removable hood stylizes the notched lapels,embroidered with the tonal logo.$89.00!
  • Front button closure.
  • Hand pockets; interior pocket.
  • Single-button cuffs.
  • Approx. length from shoulder: 32".
  • Fully lined.
  • Cotton; machine wash.
  • By Hurley; imported.
With so many looks to choose from I had to add some great options below for you to look at and help out with your shopping experience. Enjoy!
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