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is there somewhere that i can play phase 10 online for free?

When shopping for: card game | Posted 07/14/2009 | 11597 Views
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Answers: (2)

SR Posted: 03/22/2011
Ranked: 4th in Card Games (based on 3 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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There is a few places that you can play your favorite games online for free.  One place you will want to check out for your Phase 10 game is Play Sushi.  This site has Phase 10 but also a total of 500 different games you can play for free. 

Another place to look is called Great Casual Games.  This site allows you to access thousands of online games and has the Phase 10 game for your enjoyment. 

So here are a couple places that will keep you busy playing all your favorite games plus the Phase 10! Enjoy!
kristishops Posted: 07/14/2009
Ranked: 21st in Puzzles & Games (based on 10 answers / 7 positive ratings )
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I have not tried this yet, but I will be trying it tonight. I absolutely love Phase 10 and had no clue that you could play it online. So, I am so glad you asked.
  1. Log onto the Wizard Cards website to play an online card version of Phase 10. Once on the home page, click on the large “Wizard” found in the middle of the page. You will be taken to a new web page.
  2. Click on the “Register To Play Wizard Cards & Chat” to begin registration. You must be registered with Wizard in order to play Phase 10 using their forums.
  3. Agree to the terms found on the website to continue registering. Once you have done so, create a user name as you would on any other online forum. When you have finished this section, click the “Register” tab found at the bottom of the page.
  4. Download the game by selecting the “Download Wizard Cards” link found underneath the “Register to Play Wizard Cards & Chat” link. This will take you to a new web page with available links. Select the appropriate link (most likely the first one found on the top of the web page) for your needs. Download and install the program.
  5. Open the Wizard Cards program. From there, all you will need to do is find at least 3 players online (such as on Yahoo Games), and you can start your own Phase 10 game.

Have fun!

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