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Can I get instructions emailed to me

When shopping for: your zone zzz collection twin-over-full bunk bed, white | Posted 04/13/2011 | 1505 Views
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Answers: (2)

Alzie Posted: 04/15/2011
Ranked: 18th in Beds, Cribs & Cradles (based on 16 answers / 5 positive ratings )
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Sorry for the delay in getting this information to you, but it was like pulling teeth.
This is a link to the manufacturer site and where you can request the instructions you need.

If you are missing Assembly Instructions, simply email or call us at 1-877-773-7221 and we will e-mail them to you. In your e-mail, please provide the Product Series Number (e.g., OMS-0800), which can be found on a label at the end of the box. Assembly Instructions will be emailed in PDF format.
Jessica_Hagar Posted: 04/14/2011
Ranked: 11th in Beds, Cribs & Cradles (based on 47 answers / 2 positive ratings )
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I was unable to find the manual online, however I recommend you contact your local Walmart for the booklet, they may have one available to copy for you or can give you a number so you can order one. With a top twin bed and a bottom full-size bed, this bunk is all about comfort — and versatility, even in the construction. When there's extra room to spread out, this bunk easily un-stacks to become two stand-alone beds. Sturdy upper guardrails and ladder let you move about with ease.

  • Bunk with a top twin and bottom full-size bed
  • Easily converts to stand-alone beds, 1 twin and 1 full
  • Secure integrated ladder and upper guardrails
  • Choose White or Walnut finish
  • White finish made of painted composite board and solid wood construction
  • Walnut finish made of stained and finished solid wood, composite wood and wood veneer construction
  • 58" W x 79.5" L x 63" H/69.5" W with ladder (147 cm x 202 cm x 160 cm/177 cm width with ladder)
  • Assembly instructions included
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