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I have 4 Technics SB-K 14 speakers but the cloth grills are shot...where can I get a replacement?

When shopping for: Technics cloth grill | Posted 06/30/2009 | 1503 Views
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Answers: (2)

deverauxalbert27 Posted: 03/15/2012
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If your still looking for this i have two cloth grills for mine that i dont use anymore. Technic SB-K14.
TSCShopper Posted: 06/30/2009
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Simply Speakers will either repair your grills for $25.00 - $55.00 depending on size of grill, or they have a step-by-step instruction guide.  You can purchase everything you need to do the job yourself! 
Black Speaker Grill fabric this black open weave grill cloth is almost 100% acoustically transparent. It is 67 inches wide and is sold by the linear yard (36 inches).
Home Stereo Grill Cloth.  Speaker grill cloth or sometimes referred to as speaker grille fabric is available in Black, Brown, and White. Now you can replace your old ugly grill cloth and make your speakers look like brand new!

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