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I am looking for a laptop for under $300.00 for my son that would be a good gaming machine

When shopping for: Laptop | Posted 12/02/2009 | 836 Views
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Answers: (3)

chrisy297 Posted: 03/24/2010
Ranked: 88th in Laptops (based on 1 answers )
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I know some friends who found some laptops under 200 dollars that they play games on. Most of the games they play work fine. This is the site laptops under 200 and I think most of the laptops are Dell and other top brands.
foxytowgrl11 Posted: 12/17/2009
Ranked: 83rd in Laptops (based on 3 answers )
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How about these guys? Thier laptops are refurnished but guarenteed and unbelievable inexpensive.You could probly find just what you need.
or if you have time you could try an online auction site like or
geekinpink Posted: 12/02/2009
Ranked: 21st in Laptops (based on 17 answers / 4 positive ratings )
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To find a gaming laptop for under $300, is going to be hard and next to impossible. The cost for a desktop would be about $300-$400 for a decent gaming system and with laptops more spendy than those, it would be way more.

If you're wanting a used laptop, that's about the only option you would have for under $300.

If you're willing to up your price by 2x of what you're asking, I would go for Asus - since they're reliable and not over inflated in price as every other name brand laptop.

This Asus laptop is $649.99 and is pretty awesome. If it was a Dell or HP, you would be paying probably close to $1200 for it.


Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU Type Intel Pentium dual-core T4300 (2.1GHz)
Screen 16"
Memory Size 4GB DDR2
Hard Disk 320GB
Optical Drive DVD Super Multi
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 220M
Video Memory 1GB DDR2 VRAM
Dimensions 14.8" x 10.24" x 1.3-1.4"
Weight 5.7 lbs.

With a laptop for gaming, you'll want to make sure it has a lot of memory - 3-4gb is sufficient, as well as a decent video card, which this has both.

It also has nothing but 5 star reviews, and for the price it's amazing!

Put this on your Xmas list.   November 29, 2009

Pros: For starters, this laptop looks better in real life than in the pics.... Performance, screen, key layout (number pad is great to have), and handles apps/games with no problems at all...nice to have the dedicated graphics card. I think this is the most laptop for the money.

Cons: Seem to have just over 3 hours of battery time, but who wants to be seen chugging coffee at the local shop for more than that anyway? And no blueray...who cares!

Other Thoughts: For me, this is an Asus desktop replacement for normal day to day use. I am a little brand loyal, but over the years I have never had an issue with their products... so why not!


This thing ROCKS.    November 20, 2009

Pros: This laptop is amazing! It looks wayyy better than the photos reveal and is very well made. I handles everything I throw at it so far including WOW, Left4dead, Crysis and Call of Duty.... Never skipped a beat on any game...

Cons: No Blueray player...

Hope this helps and good luck.

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