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How many yards of fabric do I need for a twin size quilt/blanket?

When shopping for: sewing fabric | Posted 10/17/2009 | 6516 Views
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Answers: (1)

lovestosmile Posted: 10/17/2009
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A typical twin size matress is 38" x 75" so a twin blanket will be larger than this by several inches in both length and width. A typical twin blanket is  66 by 90 inches. So depending on the width of the bolt of fabric, you should need about 4 yards of fabric.

Blanket fabric is a thick heavily fulled, usually woolen fabric. It has a soft-brushed finish. Blanket used next to the skin is easily washable where as if used between a sheet and a bed cover requires a less launderable fabric. It is not a compulsion for dry cleaning.

Blanket fabric consists of wool, cotton, synthetics and various blends, depending upon the various degree of care. The fabric is napped, either on one side or both sides. Synthetics made blankets are great. They are lightweight as well as warm.

Characteristics of Blanket Fabric

    * It is lightweight.
    * It is fire resistant.
    * It is easily washable.
    * It is durable.
    * It has high tensile strength

I found a couple places to shop for this fabric online.
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Comment by lovestosmile: My personal favorite.
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