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How does the Shark Navigator Hepa Bagless vacuum compare to a Dyson?

When shopping for: Shark Navigator vacuum | Posted 08/02/2009 | 31069 Views
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Answers: (8)

Megan Posted: 08/11/2009
Ranked: 1st in Vacuums (based on 11 answers / 25 positive ratings )
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The Shark gets great reviews when it comes to light pile carpet and hardwood or flat flooring. However, when it comes to higher pile carpet, animal fur, allergens, and so forth the Dyson line beats the Shark hands down in quality and reviews. The shark is fine if you are only dealing with non-carpeted services but if you want the ultra powerful cleaning and deep down carpet cleaning then the Dyson is the one to go with.
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price, performance, long cord, usability, storage, wheels, suction
reliability, brush attachment
$549.00 - $549.99
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usability, feature set, cleaning ability, engineered, steaming
reliability, customer service, instructions
$439.00 - $499.99
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vacuum, suction, usability, ball, price, quality hose, canisters, filters, carpets, attachments
customer service
Comment by Megan: This Dyson gets everywhere with ease.
A10SL Posted: 04/07/2012
Ranked: 39th in Vacuums (based on 1 answers / 2 positive ratings )
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This review is from: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum - Model NV356 (Kitchen)
The Shark Navigators design had defeated the purpose of what a vacuum is supose to do what it is for and that is to vacuum dust and dirt high and low from the floor to your shelves, tv and cabinets.
This is why...When my wife came home with the Shark Navigator, my first thought was it's just another upright vacuum cleaner.
As I started to read the directions and started to put the Navigator together I notice the really bad idea the engineer had added to the design
And ever since then every time I use or put the Navigator to use I just want to shut it down.
First of all we all want a good vacuum cleaner yes, and not have dust blowing everywhere but you have to understand that is what the Shark
Vacuum does everytime you plug the damn thing in and start it up. First of all you're facing ahead pushing forward pushing and pulling your vacuum
back and forth and hoping that the dust will be kept in the vacuum and the filtration will work as the product clams but what's the use of claiming all of that
when you design a vacuum that have the exhaust in the Front of the SHARK NAVIGATOR, Facing the dusty area you are trying to vacuum.
All you are doing is Blowing the dusty area that you are trying to vacumm everywhere and when you start sneezing and seeing dust you'll know
Damn what are you really doing? You're just Blowing Dust everywhere, it's gonna go everywhere because you have to understand the Damn vacuum
Exhaust is totally in the front sorta like where the dust and dirt is in the front and now you're moviing the lose dust flying around the room.
Don't believe it, test it the next time you vacuum with the Shark Navigator, but you have to not lie to yourself, you must be Honest.
Put you hand in front of the Exhaust and feel the pressure, well that is how fast and strong your dust will push and fly around before you even
pick up any dust and dirt particles. You ever notice even the poorest vacuum cleaner they add or put the exhaust blower in the rear or the back of the vacuum
just for that fact so it does not blow dirt and dust before being picked up by the vacuum, but in the Navigator's case they reversed their design and it's a bad flaw of a design
and they went with it as though people are just damn idiots and dumb that we just will never notice the flaw, especially dust on the higher and upper levels such as shelves or even
bags boxes that have dust on them as you lower the arm and the Exhaust shoots upwards that dust will be flying around like a hurrican been there.
One test go into an empty room put Dust on the floor and on higher levels have the Navigator a distance away but in front of the dust start the Shark Navigator up and start moving forward
as you get closer watch the dust push forward and fly around you and the room. So what is the product really used for?
Yes I like the design but not have the Exhaust in the front of the machine. Even a damn car never has the exhaust in the front end of a car.
unless you want exhaust fumes blowing back into the car.
For all those that claim they love the vaccum well you better ask yourself did you really clean your house that day or are there dust somewhere else and perhaps on your dinner table on your food on your bed.
Sorry this is only my opinion. I give it a very poor mark 1 star, only because the engineer is a damn idiot.
Plus I never like vacuums that cannot clean under the bed and the attachments are too short for cleaning jobs under the bed and of course the exaust blowing the dust again.
Hey think what you may but I'm just being an honest consumer and we have the damn product.
sojarinn Posted: 10/09/2011
Ranked: 41st in Vacuums (based on 2 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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I read this on the bottom of the Shark Navigator Swivel UV410.  Thanks but I'll stay away from Shark products:

WARNING: This product contains chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects and other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.
TracyLynn0923 Posted: 05/24/2010
Ranked: 3rd in Vacuums (based on 47 answers / 11 positive ratings )
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From looking over many reviews on both vacuums, it seems like the Shark is fairly equal to the Dyson- AT FIRST!  It seems like after a short amount of time, the Shark seems to stop working enough that you have to get a new vacuum, so really, that $200.00 price difference really isn't that big of a bargain if you have to replace it in a year when you have an amazing life span with Dyson! 
Here is a review on the Shark you may find helpful!
've been buying Euro-Pro / Shark / Fantom products (same manufacturer) for many years hoping they would live up to their hype. They always worked so well right out of the box, but shoddy workmanship and design, poor quality of materials, and inattention to detail usually meant that they had no staying power. I have dogs and vacuum daily; it was not unusual for me to go through 2-3 of their vacuums a year. Unfortunately, no one else's vacuums were much better, and I've tried almost all of them at one time or another. I have only had the Navigator a short while, so it is possible that my first impressions could be incorrect. If that happens, I will update this review.

  • Lightweight (about 15 pounds)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable (around $200 -- even less if you check for sales or coupons)
  • On-board dusting and crevice tools. I love it when I don't have to remember where I left the tools the last time I used them. Find a way to store the air-driven turbo brush on board, and it will be just about perfect.
  • Redesigned air-driven turbo brush with a swivel base for ease of use. This was a terrific improvement, but the brush overall feels flimsy, like it wouldn't take much for it to break. Euro Pro makes an outstanding turbo brush for their Shark Multi Vac. It is compact and feels much sturdier than the one that came with the Navigator. Note to Mark Rosen (Shark CEO): make a hybrid of the Multi Vac's sturdier turbo brush and add the Navigator's swivel joint, and you'll have a real winner. Shark's turbo brushes beat the pants off Dyson's, which have noticeably less suction power, and the brush stops revolving with just the slightest pressure.
  • Amazing suction through the vacuum and the hose. The suction is so good that the vacuum feels self-propelled. The beater bar and the suction combine to pull the vacuum forward and lift the carpet pile for deep cleaning.
  • Lifetime belt and washable filter with an extra filter so that you can continue vacuuming if the filter you washed is still wet.
  • Brush on / brush off capability so you don't mar the finish on solid surface floors.
  • The beater bar automatically turns off when the vacuum is parked in the upright position. This is a terrific improvement since I once burned a quarter-sized area in my Berber carpet at the base of the stairs while using the turbo brush on a Euro Pro Fantom vauum to clean the carpeted stairs.
  • Ease of emptying the dust cup. This is a real first for Euro Pro, and I can say from experience that it even empties more easily and cleanly than the Dyson dust cup. Sometimes, dog hair gets caught in the Dyson dust cup, but you can usually shake it out -- a little messy, but not too bad. The dust cups on Euro Pro vacuums were a real horror to empty. I almost always had to shove my hands up into the dirt and muck to unwind dog hair from around the filter. Ugh. So far, the Navigator's dust cup empties cleanly every time.
  • The Navigator has a narrow cleaning path that makes it easier to get into places that the Dyson is too big to clean without using an attachment.
  • It has a small footprint for storage and is so compact and light that I don't mind taking it out for a quick pickup. It's not a big production to set it up and clean.
  • The cord is long enough that you don't have to unplug and re-plug in order to clean one area.
  • Poor quality electrical cord; it bends and kinks.
  • The electrical cord comes out of the vacuum just inches above the floor. There is a clip you can hook it on near the top of the handle, but it keeps unhooking, so you have to keep bending over and picking up the cord so that you don't run over it with the vacuum.
  • 5-year warranty. On the surface, that sounds more like a PRO than a CON -- like Shark believes so much in the quality of the Navigator that they are fully prepared to guarantee it for 5 years. Call me cynical, but Euro Pro is notorious for its poor customer service and the outrageous shipping and handling charges they impose for sending the vacuum back to you when they finally get around to "fixing" it. A long time ago I gave up ever trying to deal with them over warranty issues. If one of their products breaks, I throw it out. It's just easier. A warranty means nothing without good customer service to back it up.
  • The lack of suction control. If you want to thoroughly clean a throw rug, you really need to use the beater bar, but combined with the amazing suction, throw rugs get pushed and pulled all over the place. I have to stand on my throw rugs while I vacuum them to keep them from moving and being pulled up off the floor. Suction control would also help while using the Navigator to dust. The power is so intense that it sucks in things you are trying to dust. PS. I hope Shark will consider making a soft bristle brush to dust flat screen TVs like the one Dyson has.
  • The ads for the Navigator says it has a lifetime belt. No belt lasts a lifetime. Euro Pro should follow Dyson's lead on this one and go to direct drive if they haven't already. The poor quality of Euro Pro's belts has been another long-standing problem.
  • The hose is not as stretchy as advertised. I can only get mine to reach about three steps, not all the way to the next landing like they show on TV. The reasons for that are that the resistance from the sheer force of the suction pulls the hose back and you also have to wrap the hose around a mount at the bottom of the vacuum to make it less likely to tip over. Note to Shark: it tips anyway.

If you do not own animals, you may want to just go with the Shark, the majority of the problems seems to be with people with pets!
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price, performance, long cord, usability, storage, wheels, suction
reliability, brush attachment
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general, reliability, suction, usability, empty, working, push, feature set, carry, performance, lightweight, steaming
customer service, sound quality, instruction manual
tatertots2 Posted: 04/08/2010
Ranked: 26th in Vacuums (based on 1 answers / 3 positive ratings )
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the shark is better
shanes14 Posted: 04/08/2010
Ranked: 17th in Vacuums (based on 1 answers / 4 positive ratings )
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it is better than a dyson by a mile! first off the dyson costs like twice as much, and does not do a better job. The shark navigator weighs less, has stiffer brush-roll bristles(better carpet cleaning) and it has a better system of cyclones. The cyclones in a dyson seem not to be effective because the pre-filter got clogged after just 5 uses, yes the dyson lost suction! The shark on the other hand has not got clogged on me and the filter is still white after 5 uses. Plus you will have better support if you go with the shark. On the shark website you can chat to a live person, I found this really helpful when I had questions. The dyson's build seems to be flimsy and wouldn't last past 5 years, however the shark has a strong build and seems like it could exceed 10 years. Get the Shark Navigator, you wont be disappointed.
fronzai Posted: 08/08/2009
Ranked: 16th in Vacuums (based on 1 answers / 6 positive ratings )
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 These reviews are for 2 different machines. The Shark is an upright while the Dyson is a portable (hand-held). I would imagine if you're using a hand-held in place of an upright you'd be pretty disappointed with the results...I own the Dyson ball (smaller model) and absolutely love it. The Shark Navigator is a cheap, mass-produced imitator. However, I recently bought the Shark Steam Mop to replace my expensive (over time) Swiffer; definitely recommend making that move! Stick with Dyson for a great, dependable upright!
ElenaJ Posted: 08/02/2009
Ranked: 10th in Vacuums (based on 14 answers / 1 positive ratings )
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Great question!
I was wondering about that, too. So let's see what I can come up with.
Starting with the Shark Navigator HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum - Lavender

Great Lightweight Vac

"As a single female, I hated hauling my old vacuum up and down the stairs. I bought this vacuum recently and so far have been extremely happy with the results. It is lightweight and I have no issues moving it around the house. I love the pet hair attachment - I have two dogs and this is perfect for picking up hair off my couch and chairs. While this seems like a minor benefit, I love the cord length and I can just about get a whole level of cleaning without having to unplug the vacuum. This so far has been truly no loss of suction and is as strong as when I first bought the unit. Great product at a low price."

Now, the Dyson

Customer Rating


"Owning a Dyson upright we had good expectations for this.
Issues - Awkward shape makes it difficult to get into some locations.
Awkward mounting bracket (side mount).
Real run time is maybe 4 or 5 minutes, they claim 6 and 3 hours to charge.
There is no place to put the tools, like a separate caddy or something to mount to place them in. You just have to find somewhere to keep them.
Power up is a "ramp up" and quite frankly the suction is not what you would expect for a $200 portable.
Bottom Line - this is a total disappointment. I still love our upright - it's fantastic.

We also e-mailed Dyson to ask about why they didn't think of a tool caddy, got some canned response that was not appropriate and they clearly didn't understand the point we were trying to make.

I'm just glad I didn't throw out our 10 year old Black and Decker ($40) which still works, I can get replacement batteries. If I'd kept the box this Dyson came it, I would have returned it.

DON'T waste your money on this flop."

Would you recommend this product to a friend?: No
Well, I guess here we have it!!!!!!!! Be both know what our next Vacuum is going to be!

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vacuum, reliability, suction, usability, performance, attachments, design, price, sound quality, build quality, small design
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