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Where can I find a buyer for original 1950's Barbie dolls with clothes and furiture?

When shopping for: Antique doll buyer | Posted 09/14/2009 | 633 Views
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sf43935 Posted: 09/14/2009
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While IMshopping offers assistance for people seeking to make purchases, perhaps I can give you some ideas for selling your dolls.
As you probably know, these dolls are quite the collector item, and if you have the original clothes and furniture, they are worth a great deal. Many people would put them on eBay, where you may or may not get the money they're worth.
I'd suggest first taking them to a reputable antiques appraiser, perhaps one suggested by your home insurance agency. That way you'll know their worth and price them accordingly. This is not an item you'd want to start out with $1 bidding!
You might also contact local antiques dealers to gauge their interest in these collectibles.
Please make sure to have them appraised before you sell them. You might have to pay a little for the appraisal, but a collector will pay a fortune for these if they are in great condition.
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