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Where can i buy new foam pads for my weight bench?

When shopping for: weight bench | Posted 08/15/2009 | 1397 Views
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Flat Utility Bench $118.00
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Answers: (1)

susan Posted: 08/15/2009
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At Fitness equipment you can check out the upholstery pads they carry.  Its seems they are a little pricey so you might just want to replace your whole bench with something new. Prices are very competitive with replacement. ; ) Click on links below to check out their site.

Full circle padding offers foam padding to be made:
The durable, stain resistant material used by the top manufacturers, available to match any color.

Top Quality polyurethane foam available in variable thicknesses.

Great for heavily used machines and a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement pad.

Cut your upholstery budget in half by protecting the edges.

¾ inch 5-ply plywood with beveled edges make our pads durable and safe.
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