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Do those roll out seeded flower mats really work?

When shopping for: preseeded flower mat | Posted 04/13/2009 | 1360 Views
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Answers: (1)

LISAFORD1975 Posted: 04/13/2009
Ranked: 27th in Flowers (based on 5 answers )
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My husband and I purchased one of these mats at a yard sale for $1.00 and were optimistic. About 4 weeks later to my surprise I had the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. The Bright colors and vivid fragrance was breathtaking. So, yes they really do work and well. I have found a great set of 2 mats on for a super price. It has 1000+ Seeds & 10 Ft of 17" wide Mat. You can also use this mat by cutting in pieces and placing it indoors in a vase.
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$29.00 - $47.00
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general, reliability, working, usability, long life, weather, results, length, stock, mat, pad
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Comment by LISAFORD1975: 1000+ Seeds
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