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I would like to find a Dereon Class Ring by any company excluding Jostens

When shopping for: Jewelry | Posted 09/25/2011 | 2117 Views
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Answers: (3)

SR Posted: 09/25/2011
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There is about 3 top places to get class rings and the #1 being Jostens.  I am not sure why they are top but I do know they are the most well known one. 

#2 is a place called balfour.  They have been in business for over a century and are well known for great quality rings to last a life time.  You will need to go in and put in your school to look at the particular class rings.

#3 is a place called Herff Jones Class rings.  They have many great ones and have had the Dereon ring so this may be a good choice too. 
angela.vilchis Posted: 05/18/2012
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I bought one from Jostens when i graduated high school in 2008 & I just recently lost it.
I am desperate to find another one & haven't had any luck.
I called Jostens but they have discontinued it.
Did you ever find yours?
katd1026 Posted: 09/25/2011
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Dereon Class Rings are exclusive at Jostens.  There are other retailers such as Zales that make beautiful rings such as the Sterling Silver Pear Cut Birthstone Class Ring.
Keep school memories close at hand with this sterling silver birthstone class ring. Choose graduation year, school name (up to 12 letter), birthstone, one name (up to 12 letters) and activity (up to 12 letters). Available in full sizes, 5-12. Priced right at $129.00. Awesome!

I added the link to this and other choices below. Enjoy!
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