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What kind of cordless phone has the longest distance?

When shopping for: cordless phone | Posted 08/09/2009 | 2802 Views
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Answers: (1)

agngg Posted: 08/09/2009
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Cordless phones are the best, especially when you can travel a good distance away from the base and still receive calls with little to no interference.  There are some really cool extremely long range phones out on the market now where you can go up to 6 miles away and more!  They are expensive, but if long range is what you're looking for then that is the model for you!  I attached a product so you can see for yourself!
There are also more traditional models that have excellent range and I attached some of those for you that are at more reasonable prices.
There are many options of cordless phones out there for you to see...including one model from AT&T , a name you can trust and a 2.4 gighertz range to keep you moving while you talk!  
Recommended products: Poll These  more >
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Comment by agngg: These long range phones are at least 100 times more powerful in terms of range than regular cordless phones. There are also single handset options at a lower price. This phone will work up to 6 miles away from the base! Now that is far!!!
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Comment by agngg: This analog model offers extended range provided by the 5.8GHz band. Excellent range and clarity for a reasonable price. This model also adds in some bonus features and you can use it as VOIP!
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answering machine quality, usability, working, general, price, answering system, signal quality, comfortable, feature set, handsets, regular, detail, basic, loud
Comment by agngg: This phone offers long range with very low interference at a very affordable price! This model received great reviews!
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