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where can i buy coat/jacket appropriate for zero degrees?

When shopping for: coat | Posted 08/24/2009 | 950 Views
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Answers: (1)

rocky_41102 Posted: 08/24/2009
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Lands End has excellent coats that are great for cold weather!  There's some links attached for a few different styles that are rated to zero degrees.  My absolute favorite coat for our Michigan weather is the Chalet Long Down Coat.  It's rated to -5 degrees with a light layer and -35 degrees with extra layers!! 
Fans of our Chalet Long Down Coat can hardly believe so much wind-resistant warmth is stashed in a long coat so lightweight, but that's the beauty of goose down. Each fiber is like a tiny cloud — three-dimensional instead of flat like a feather — making it nature's lightest insulation. You'll always be warm while wearing the Chalet Long Down Coat — but never weighed down. More details to love on cold, snowy days: a down-insulated hood, soft microfleece storm cuffs, two fleece-lined zip pockets, three inside pockets, and a two-way zip/snap front. Fits over a sweater. Water-resistant polyester shell. Machine wash. Imported.
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