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When shopping for: CHANGING CEILING FAN BLADES | Posted 08/17/2009 | 926 Views
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Answers: (1)

ushi Posted: 08/17/2009
Ranked: 9th in Ceiling Fans (based on 2 answers )
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The short answer is "no".   Ceiling Fans n' More has some great advice:   "Many people wish to replace their ceiling fan blades, either because the current set is damaged or warped, or for decor purposes. Most home centers offer generic replacement sets, however it is often not as simple as simply buying an off-the-shelf set and screwing it in place of the old.

The problem is that the off-the-shelf set is one predetermined size, weight, shape, etc. Each fan manufacturer will have different specifications of blades optimized to the motor and fan design. Using a set of blades that is too heavy or wide will slow the fan and wear the motor, blades that are too narrow will move significantly less air. The best option for replacement blades is to contact the manufacturer and obtain a correct replacement set. However if the off-the-shelf blades are a very similar size, shape, and weight to the original blades they can be used with no adverse affects."
  They also offer links to sites for various manufacturers so you can contact them directly!
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