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Where can I find a high chair for my baby under $50 that is BPA free?

When shopping for: Baby High Chair | Posted 09/03/2009 | 855 Views
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Answers: (1)

starlightbella Posted: 09/04/2009
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Hi! Taking care of baby doesn't just end with the basics these days! We have to ensure that they are not in the path of dangerous chemicals and pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye!

When it came to BPA free high chairs there are no shortage of models....However, one under $50 can get a bit tricky! Here is what I found for you:

One at WalMart for $19.28 that can be portable! This is a little small booster that would most likely fit for a baby entering the Toddler years. Its in stock and can be a nice option for taking out to eat or to grandparents home, when you need to travel a bit.

Secondly is the Baby Bjorn Booster. Again this is a booster, but this one has straps as well, so your little one can't flip or slip out. I think this would be OK with proper supervision. For $39.95 new, or I've seen used in the mid $20s range.

Third, is the Svan Tray cover. You can place this one on the highchair you currently use and it will provide an easier way to clean the eating area minus any BPA's! Purchase this for around $30.

Finally, you might want to take a look in Baby consignment shops in your area. Where I reside we have several like Re-runs for Wee Ones and Once upon a Child that offer furniture and clothing in excellent to gently used conditions ( trust me they are PICKY), for decent prices. If there are a few brands you had in mind, but can't swallow the retail cost, look to see if perhaps one of the consignment shops may have it for less!

I hope you find the perfect chair! Have a great day : )

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Comment by starlightbella: 4.5 stars
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Comment by starlightbella: BPA free tray cover may be a cheaper option!
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