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I need a 1940s style dress for a mature women size 14

When shopping for: vintage dress | Posted 09/14/2009 | 1536 Views
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Answers: (1)

susan Posted: 09/14/2009
Ranked: 6th in Dresses (based on 60 answers / 7 positive ratings )
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Found a few sites that you can check out with the 1940's style dresses! The Lucy Dress has a lot more 1940 selections to choose from so definitely take a look at that link! enjoy! This classic dress is made of quality chocolate bangoline stretch to ensure a great fit! Features pink trim on the peter pan collar, faux cuffs, and faux buttons on center front. Also features a cinched waist and A-line skirt perfect for a classic look!

That dame, Dottie, she's so smart and proper in this 1940's-inspired black & white polka dotted chiffon peplum waist dress featuring a contrasting high neck collar and beautiful 3-tiered peplum waist design. (attached ruffle at the waistline of the dress) The dress is fully lined in a silky black poly fabric and zips up the back. Complete with shoulder pads - So 1940's! Misses sizing. This dress is running larger than our other Broad Minded dresses
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