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Sr. System Administrator

Duties: Managing high transaction group buying platform for large enterprise customers; Managing, developing and implementing a highly available and scalable linux network system on the Amazon cloud in both the sites, EC2 US and EC2 Europe; Managing high volume email system; Maintaining sendmail, postfix and powerMTA mailing system; Using scripting programs like shell, perl or python for reporting; Overseeing implementation and migration of upgrades, patches, code releases, NFS file system and database changes; Focusing on network security, fixing queries and automating various database maintenance activities; Assisting in the definition and development of projects designed to increase the efficiency and reliability of the hosted infrastructure; Developing the infrastructure for high availability and scalability; Preparing monitoring system with Nagios, Jabbix for 99.999% uptime and configuring Cacti for network analysis; Fine tuning MySQL databases and prepare them to manage high volumes of peak traffic.

Requirements: Bachelor.s degree (or academic foreign equivalent) in Engineering (any field), or closely related discipline and five years of progressive experience in the job offered or in the related occupations of System Engineer, Sr. System Engineer or related occupation. The position also requires three years of experience in Linux Networks and Systems, My SQL, and Apache and Tomcat.

Hours: Full-time (40 hours per week)

Job Site: Santa Clara, CA

Contact: Send resume to Nimi Nagalingam, Accounts Manager, IMshopping, Inc., 4699 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 450, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

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