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Getting Fit in 2010

A new year and a new decade is upon us, and chances are that a large number of people made resolutions when the clock struck midnight in hopes of making this year just a little better than last.  Some may have been related to work, others may have been about love, but [...]

Black Friday Checklist 2009

Remember how shopping used to be every Thanksgiving.  Chapstick, check.  Blanket, hand warmers, cocoa, check!   I would just be making a checklist for Black Friday! Its like the shopping Olympics for old pros like myself. I would finish up Thanksgiving cooking and then the whole family and I go camp out in [...]

Black Friday is nearly here

Like it or not, it’s coming soon. Black Friday is only days away, and this year’s Busiest Shopping Day of the Year will boast more online shopping then ever before.
But what are people looking for?

Netbook and laptop deals are hot ticket items.  Leaked Black Friday ads show impressive door-buster bargains from big box retailers. Examples [...]

Starting Your Holiday Tech Shopping Early

Now that the Holiday shopping season is upon us, it’s time to…what should I buy everyone for Christmas? You thought you had a few more weeks to kill before you had to even start thinking about gift buying, long lines, and spending your savings? If you don’t act now you may be missing out on [...]

The World’s Ultimate Sound – Mirage Speakers

Mirage is the only name in speaker technology that rises above the rest. It has a long-standing reputation as a technological innovator. This reputation has been built by establishing and maintaining unmatched standards in both the design and the performance of their speakers.
Much of the advantage of Mirage speakers lies in the company’s commitment to [...]

WHY would I want Cablecard HDTV?

There are a lot of choices when looking for your next television. If you are in the market for a new TV set and you’ve been looking at a HDTV, chances are that you will see the word Cablecard HDTV on the TV box. The Cablecard is a small device that can take [...]

Watching TV with a HDTV tuner card

A HDTV tuner card is what allows you to watch TV by receiving HD signals and processing them into your High Definition picture without having to connect to the internet. Today just about everyone is using a computer of some sort. You see people using their laptops in coffee houses, airplanes as [...]

Picking the Right HDTV Tuner

Almost everyone knows that the switch to HDTV is about to happen. The analog broadcast is soon to be the “old” way of broadcasting TV signals and digital is the “new” way of having the TV signal broadcast. Perhaps your area has already changed over the way your TV signal is broadcast, [...]

Over the Air HDTV

Are you familiar with the term over the air HDTV? Over the air HDTV is basically one way of sending out network and channel broadcasts for TV. Before the advent of HDTV or even cable and satellite, TV channels were picked up by TV antennas called rabbit ears. If you are [...]

I’m never home to watch my HDTV show!

Everyone’s schedule is busy these days. That is why the ability to record your shows when you are not home is so popular. There are satellite boxes that come with a predetermined amount of hours available to tape TV shows and movies but the ability to tape and record HDTV has not generally [...]