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Pilgrim Costume for traditional Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving you hear about the Pilgrim costume so a little bit of history and understanding on how it is still present amongst everyone during the holidays. It may be over four centuries ago since the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621 but the thoughts and images are still being talked about to this day with [...]

The History of Thanksgiving is Meaningful

Some people feel that there are only certain times that are the most important in the year and one of them is Thanksgiving. The reason for that is the history of Thanksgiving. It all starts in 1621. It was not official by anyone until the first recorded Thanksgiving until 1671. It was held by the [...]

Thanksgiving for kids – What’s about it?

Thanksgiving for kids can be an interesting time to get to know the elders a little more by listening to their stories about different family memories. Sometimes you will learn that things can be much worse off then you are dealing with right now. Like for the elders that have been through Great Depression and [...]

6 Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes

There are many dishes that are found throughout the United States that are considered traditional Thanksgiving food. It is up to you and what you feel is a tradition that your ancestors wanted you to teach your family and friends through food and activities that are being held during the Thanksgiving holiday. You may be [...]

Six Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving side dishes show up with different relatives and close friends. They can be anything that will go well with the oven roasted turkey that has been cooking for several hours at the host’s house. By having the Thanksgiving side dishes already made for the host it gives them more time to talk with the [...]

Thanksgiving Date

The celebration of Thanksgiving is not exclusive to the United States, although our country regards it as validation of praise and appreciation for the bounties provided to our first immigrant settlers from England at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. Thanksgiving is celebrated in many countries, and the Thanksgiving date fluctuates annually to accommodate the harvest [...]

When is Thanksgiving

Every year, just as Halloween passes, and the reality of the impending Christmas shopping season takes residence, the question arises of when is Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving holiday has been celebrated in the United States since 1789, when President George Washington proclaimed that the annual date for Thanksgiving was to be on the last Thursday of [...]

Presidential Thanksgiving Facts

Did you know that no one knows the exact date the first Thanksgiving meal was celebrated on? The best historians could come up with was somewhere in the fall of 1621. So how did Thanksgiving become a national holiday designated on the last Thursday of November? The answers to these questions are [...]

The Jitterbug Cell Phone

The Jitterbug Cell Phone is most commonly considered an “old people’s phone”. This is because the numbers and the screen displays on Jitterbug Cell Phones are so big that it is easy for an elderly person to read. It could also be due to the fact that the company uses elderly people predominantly [...]

Cell Phone Reception

If you watch the ads on television, you might think that in order to get good cell phone reception you have to have a certain cell phone carrier. While it is true that some carriers seem to get better reception than others, it has as much to do with the cell phones as it [...]